Adventures Aloft Balloon Safaris - Serengeti

Adventures Aloft Balloon safaris flies over the spectacular Serengeti National park in Tanzania. Adventures Aloft in the Serengeti National park flies from Togoro and Kogatende. we have A415 balloon from Cameron Balloons, with a fying capacity of 16 and 12 seater balloon pasengers each and is able to fly 60 passengers a day.

Flights take off at 6.30 each morning in time with the sunrise and allow one to experience an eagle’s view of the Serengeti and all it’s beauty.

To complete the celebration a champagne breakfast is served on the Mara plains after the flight , complete with butler service and an open bar. Adventures Aloft organizes pick up services from most Mara camps and lodges.


This rate is Valid from 1st January 2018 to 31st December 2018


Kogatende - $499 per person exclusive of Park Fees. A concession fee of $50 applies

Togoro - $499 per person exclusive of Park Fees. A concession fee of $50 applies


Our Balloon Safari Rate is inclusive of a champagne breakfast.

All rates are subject to change without notice.

Rates are inclusive of all Government Taxes

Adventures Aloft Balloon Safaris for one of the best balloon flights ever!! Fly over the Magnificent Baobab trees in Serengeti National Park, home of the huge herds of Elephants and the big five game.


Adventures Aloft has three A415 balloon from Cameron Balloons, with a flying capacity of 16 and
a 12 seater balloon passengers each and is able to fly 60 passengers a day.


All pilots with Adventures Aloft are well experienced and are all commercially rated on the large size balloons.

Balloon Flights

Balloon flights typically take off at 6.30am. Passengers arrive in time to watch the balloon inflation as the pilots torch the colored fabric to life.
The flight is for one hour, each one different path and following the days prevailing winds. A Balloon flight allows passengers to float over the worlds most spectacular Serengeti National Park, predator capital of the world and home of the famous wildebeest migration.
On landing, the balloon crew set up a full champagne breakfast . Each passenger then receives a certificate from their pilot as a special memoir of their flight. A game drives en route to the lodges/Camps.

Balloon Pick up Points

Adventures Aloft Balloon Safaris From Kogatende Pick Up Schedule


Lemala Camp 5.00AM 27 1 HR
Sayari Camp 5.25AM 18 35MIN
Serian Camp 5.00AM - - - - - -
Olakira Launching Site 5.50AM 7 10MIN
Kuria Hills 5.00AM 22 1 HR
Serengeti Under Covers 5.15AM 38 45MIN
Grumeti Reserves - - -  - - - - - -
Masai Wandering Mobile 5.00AM - - - 1 HR
Wayo Fly Camp - - - - - - - - -
Tim Co Field - - - - - - - - -
Nyamalumbwa Camp Site 5.00AM 15 1 HR
Lamai Camp 5.15AM 13 45MIN
Wild Frontiers Camp 4.45AM 35 1HR 15MIN
Legendary Camps 5.00AM 30 1 HR
Singita 4.45AM 38 1HR 15MIN
Kampi Kampi 5.00AM - - - 1HR
Tingitana Camp(Corto) Woga 6 5.00AM - - - 35MIN
Serengeti Bush Tops 5.00AM 18 35MIN
Alex Walker 5.00AM 26 1 HR
Serengeti Sopa 4.30AM 60 1HR 30MIN
Serengeti Serena 4.45AM 40 1HR
Seronera Wildlife Lodge 5.00AM 35 1HR
Bologonja Under Canvas 4.00AM 75 2HRS
Migration Camp 4.45AM 55 1HR 15MIN
Lobo Wildlife Lodge 5.15AM 38 45MIN
Mbuzi Mawe 5.45AM 6 10MIN
Lobo Public Campsite 5.00AM 38 1HR
Kleins Camp 4.00AM 70 2HRS
Buffalo Luxury 4.45AM 80 2HR 15MIN
Ikoma Lodge 5.00AM 40 1HR
Simba Lodge 5.00AM 50 1HR 15MIN
Ikoma Wildlife (Zara Tour) 4.45AM 46 1HR 15MIN
Robanda Tented Camp 4.45AM 42 1HR 15MIN
Ikoma Safari Camp 4.45AM 40 1HR 15MIN
Ikoma Gate 5.15AM 32 45MIN
Nduara Loliondo  - - - - - - - - -
Four Seasons 5.15AM 20 45MIN
Nasikia Camp 4.50AM 75 1HR 10MIN
Sero (1-6) 4.00AM 60 1HR 15MIN - 2HRS
Nyani 4.45AM 35 1HR 15MIN
DikDik 4.45AM 35 1HR 15MIN
Pimbi 4.45AM 35 1HR 15MIN
Tumbili 4.45AM 35 1HR 15MIN
Fisi 4.45AM 35 1HR 15MIN
Serengeti Wildlife Camp (Zara Tour) 4.45AM 40 1HR 15MIN
Wild Frontier 4.45AM 42 1HR 15MIN
Pioneer Camp 4.45AM - - 1HR 15MIN
KatiKati Camp 4.45AM - - 1HR 15MIN
Tingitana Camp (Corto) 5.00AM 26 1HR 15MIN


Adventures Aloft Balloon Safaris

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