" Raising the Future is a giving-back project supported by Mada Hotels. The initiative which was launched in May this year, aims at improving the lives of the surrounding communities. Mada Hotels visited Kigulu Childrens Orphanage, in Kibera where they distrubuted monthly supply of Food and Stationery to the orphanage in support of their education."


Brighten the Future Project

" We identify the needy children in the society, finds their immediate needs and eventually workout how to best help the situation.", Fred Muli -Project Coordinator.

The group has supported the implementation of projects in a broad range of areas - Economic Empowerment, Education, Environmental Conservation, Health, Water, Arts, Music and Culture and Sports, and our footprint in the country continues to expand.
In July, Mada Hotels staff will be visitng COMPASSIONATE HANDS FOR THE DISABLED FOUNDATION (CHDF) in Ruai in its effort in helping the under privilledged in the community.
CHDF Compassionate Hands for the Disabled Foundation (CHDF) is a Non-Governmental Organization that was founded in 2008 as an outreach Centre in Korogocho slum, in Kenya for children with disabilities. These were orphans and other vulnerable children from extremely poor families abandoned or orphaned through HIV/AIDS .The Non-Governmental Organization is now serving 86 children with special needs that range from mental to physical disabilities. Currently the Foundation operates in Ruai, Nairobi near St. Joseph Catholic Church.The initiave hopes to improve the living welfare of the children both in food donations, books to enhance their education and other supporting activites.

Amboseli Solar Lamp Project

The Amboseli Solar Lamp project is a charitable trust of EcoSolutions in conjuction with Mada Hotels that aims at bringing light to villages and providing LED lighting systems when access to electricity is scarce or completely unavailable.

EcoSolutions Founder, Mr. Yatendra Agrawal on one of his recent trips to Amboseli National Park, and staying at Mada owned Kilima Safari Camp noticed similarities between the Indian villages and rural communities in East Africa and decided to take action and in partnership with Mada Hotels, Eco Solutions began a mission to light up rural Kenya.

A total of 660 Sun King Eco Lamps have been distributed across 20 Manyattas in the National Park

The lamps are produced by Greenlight Planet that have proved to be very successful in remote areas where there is plenty of sunlight. The Sun King Eco Light that was chosen for the Manyattas around Amboseli can provide up to 30 Hours of light from a single charge. Glowing twice as bright as kerosene without any dangerous fumes with a five year battery life.

Mr.Yatendra hopes that after the success of the solar lamp project in Kenya, he will be able to start work on a low-cost gravity based water filtration system that can be easily installed in a plastic bucket.

"The joy of giving light to each household is unbounded. We hope to cover the northern part of Kenya, which is also a remote region with desert-type conditions and less economic activity."