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From our exceptional landscape setting to superb catering and upscale service, we’ll bring your dream wedding day to life!
At the Hotel La Mada, we offer many great options for intimate ceremonies, formal wedding receptions and everything in between.
Imagine tying the knot on our lush green gardens with the tranquil and serene Karura Forest in the background or having these same views as the backdrop from just outside the pool.
Whatever space you choose, we have one that’s perfect for you and our team will customize the space to your personal style, including the catering, decorations, flowers, live entertainment and anything else you may need.
To help with your wedding planning, we also offer a variety of specialty wedding packages that cater to various budgets and tastes.
These packages may include:
  • Champagne celebration toast
  • Elegant dinner buffet or four course dinner
  • Customized wedding cake
  • Dessert enhancements
  • Special room rates for your guests
For more information, please fill out a Request for Proposal form.