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1979 – Figtree Camp, Masai Mara, Kenya

Established in 1979, Figtree Camp is renowned for offering an authentic and immersive safari experience in the heart of Masai Mara. Its strategic location along the Talek River provides guests with unparalleled views of the savannah and easy access to wildlife sightings, including the Great Migration. The camp's intimate setting and eco-friendly practices enhance the safari experience, ensuring minimal impact on the environment while maximizing comfort and luxury. Whether guests are enjoying game drives, guided walks, or cultural interactions with the Maasai community, Figtree Camp exemplifies the essence of safari adventure with its commitment to conservation, hospitality, and unforgettable memories.

1982 – Hunters Lodge, Kiboko, Kenya

Since 1982, Hunters Lodge has stood as a beacon of timeless elegance in Kiboko, celebrated for its distinctive colonial-inspired architecture. Nestled amidst tranquil surroundings, the lodge offers a retreat unlike any other, where historic charm meets modern comfort. Its serene ambiance and personalized service create an intimate oasis, perfect for travelers seeking a blend of cultural immersion and relaxation. Whether exploring nearby attractions or simply enjoying the lodge's peaceful atmosphere, Hunters Lodge promises a memorable stay for those who appreciate history, architecture, and refined hospitality.

1985 – Oakwood Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya

Since 1985, Oakwood Hotel has graced Nairobi with its distinctive colonial-style architecture, characterized by its elegant wooden construction. Nestled in the heart of the bustling city, the hotel exudes a timeless charm and warmth, offering guests a retreat from the urban buzz. Renowned for its meticulous attention to detail and impeccable service, Oakwood Hotel combines old-world elegance with modern comforts. Each room and suite is crafted with fine woodwork, reflecting Kenya’s rich heritage and providing a tranquil sanctuary for travelers. Whether exploring Nairobi’s cultural attractions or conducting business in the nearby financial district, Oakwood Hotel invites guests to experience luxury and relaxation in a setting that embodies the essence of colonial-era charm.

1990 – Baobab Sea Lodge, Kilifi, Kenya

Introduced in 1990, Baobab Sea Lodge has become a beloved destination for travelers seeking a serene and picturesque coastal retreat in Kilifi. Nestled along the pristine shores of the Indian Ocean, the lodge offers guests a perfect blend of natural beauty, tranquility, and Kenyan hospitality. The lodge's charming thatched-roof cottages and villas are set amidst lush tropical gardens, providing a peaceful oasis for relaxation and rejuvenation. Guests can enjoy direct access to the white sandy beach and crystal-clear waters, ideal for swimming, snorkeling, and water sports. Baobab Sea Lodge is renowned for its warm and personalized service, delicious cuisine featuring fresh seafood, and a range of activities that showcase Kilifi’s cultural and natural attractions. Whether seeking a romantic getaway, family vacation, or adventure-filled holiday, Baobab Sea Lodge promises an unforgettable experience, making it a favored choice among visitors to Kenya's coast.

1997 – Kilifi Bay Beach Resort, Kilifi, Kenya

Since joining Mada Hotels in 1997, Kilifi Bay Beach Resort has captivated guests with its unique blend of African-inspired hospitality and vibrant beach bar. Nestled along the picturesque coastline of Kilifi, the resort offers a serene retreat adorned with traditional African décor and craftsmanship, providing a genuine cultural experience amidst lush gardens and overlooking the Indian Ocean. The beach bar, a beloved feature of the resort, attracts visitors and locals alike with its relaxed atmosphere, stunning ocean views, and a selection of refreshing cocktails and local beverages. Kilifi Bay Beach Resort's commitment to celebrating African heritage while offering a relaxing and memorable stay makes it a preferred destination for travelers seeking an authentic coastal getaway.

1999 – Jinja Nile Resort, Jinja, Uganda

Established in 1999, Jinja Nile Resort has earned acclaim as a premier destination in Jinja, Uganda, renowned for its picturesque setting along the historic Nile River. The resort offers guests a tranquil escape amidst lush gardens and stunning river views, providing a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure. Known for its warm hospitality and personalized service, Jinja Nile Resort caters to both leisure and business travelers seeking a serene retreat. Its luxurious accommodations, ranging from rooms to spacious suites, feature modern amenities and African-inspired décor, reflecting the region’s rich cultural heritage. Guests can indulge in a variety of activities, including boat cruises on the Nile, water sports, cultural tours, and visits to nearby attractions such as the Source of the Nile. Jinja Nile Resort’s commitment to excellence and its idyllic riverside location have made it a preferred choice for travelers looking to experience the natural beauty and hospitality of Uganda’s Nile region.

2006 – Hotel La Mada, Nairobi, Kenya

Opened in 2006, Hotel La Mada stands out as a tranquil oasis nestled alongside the iconic Karura Forest in Nairobi, Kenya. Its unique location offers guests a rare combination of urban convenience and natural serenity, making it a preferred choice for discerning travelers. The hotel's lush surroundings and peaceful ambiance provide a retreat from the city's hustle and bustle, while still being conveniently close to Nairobi's business and cultural attractions. Hotel La Mada is celebrated for its elegant accommodations, which blend contemporary comfort with touches of African-inspired design.

2008 – Kilima Safari Camp, Amboseli, Kenya

Since its establishment in 2008, Kilima Safari Camp has earned acclaim as a premier destination in Kenya's tourism industry, renowned for its unparalleled views and strategic location within Amboseli National Park. Nestled in the heart of this wildlife-rich sanctuary, the camp offers guests panoramic vistas of Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest peak, providing a stunning backdrop to the safari experience. Each tented accommodation is designed to blend luxury with the rustic charm of the African wilderness, offering comfort and exclusivity amidst nature. Kilima Safari Camp is celebrated for its commitment to sustainability and conservation, ensuring a minimal footprint while delivering exceptional hospitality and personalized service. Guests can enjoy guided game drives, nature walks, and cultural interactions with the Maasai community, enhancing their understanding of local traditions and wildlife conservation efforts. The camp’s serene ambiance and breathtaking scenery make it a preferred choice for international travelers seeking an authentic safari adventure in Amboseli.

2010 – Elephant Rock Luxury Camp, Tarangire Park, Tanzania

Established in 2010 and recently renovated in September 2023, Elephant Rock Luxury Camp is renowned in Tarangire National Park for its luxurious tented suites with modern amenities and traditional African décor. Nestled amidst the wilderness, the camp offers stunning views of the park known for its large elephant herds. Guests appreciate the camp's commitment to sustainability, personalized service, and immersive safari experiences including guided game drives and cultural interactions. Elephant Rock Luxury Camp is a preferred choice for travelers seeking a luxurious and authentic safari adventure in Tarangire.

2020 – Kampala Nile Resort, Kampala, Uganda

Established in 2020, Kampala Nile Resort has quickly become a favored destination in Kampala, Uganda. Located in the heart of the city, the resort offers luxurious accommodations with African-inspired décor, including an infinity pool for guests to enjoy. Known for its commitment to sustainability, Kampala Nile Resort provides a serene retreat with a focus on local and international cuisine, rejuvenating spa treatments, and attentive hospitality, making it an ideal choice for travelers seeking relaxation and cultural immersion in Uganda's capital.

2024 – Shukran Palace, Zanzibar, Tanzania

Opened in 2024, Shukran Palace has quickly gained popularity in Zanzibar, Tanzania, for its luxurious amenities and stunning beachfront location. Spanning 500 meters of pristine beachfront, the palace offers guests unparalleled views of the Indian Ocean and direct access to sandy shores. The resort features three outdoor pools, including one with a swim-up bar, providing ample space for relaxation and enjoyment. Culinary experiences at Shukran Palace are diverse, with a main restaurant serving local and international cuisine, alongside two specialty restaurants offering unique dining experiences. Guests can indulge in rejuvenating spa treatments, enhancing their stay with relaxation and wellness offerings.


MADA Collection offers a diverse array of luxury accommodations across East Africa, ranging from the enchanting wilderness experiences at Fig Tree Camp in Masai Mara and Kilima Safari Camp in Amboseli, Kenya, to the beachfront leisure at Kilifi Bay Beach Resort and Baobab Sea Lodge. In Tanzania, Shukran Palace in Zanzibar provides opulent settings with extensive leisure facilities, while Elephant Rock Luxury Camp in Tarangire offers intimate safari experiences. Uganda’s offerings include the verdant Kampala Nile Resort and the sprawling Jinja Nile Resort, each providing a blend of relaxation and adventure with extensive leisure and conference facilities. The collection also features unique experiences like Adventure Aloft Balloon Safaris in Kenya and Tanzania, offering aerial views of national parks. Each location is equipped with modern conferencing facilities, diverse dining options, and entertainment ranging from live shows to cultural talks, ensuring a memorable stay whether on safari, by the beach, or near bustling city centers.


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